About King Levi Dapper 


It is likely to have been my  world-class elegance and strong presence on social media, magazines and TVs, that puts among the most prominent celebrities in Mozambique, France and in the World, yet my qualities extend into an Impressive list of extracurricular achievements. 
Multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary, King Levi is a social activist, creative director and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the prestigious fashion agency KLD AGENCY, FANCY FASHION WEEK and VICIOUS. 
I rise in the fashion world as the result of a selfless passion for good taste, evolutionary learning, and his constant innovation in looks and styles. Which lead me to be one of the top best world Influencer, working as a brand for men fashion brands across the Globe.

Award winner of THE BEST AFRICAN FASHION INFLUENCER by the Odartey Style and Fashion Awards in Ghana. In 2020, nominated for the Best Style and Fashion Awards by the biggest, WORLD BLOGGERS AWARDS.

I Started my career as a  fashion consultant at the iconic TV Station in Mozambique “STV” and invited to various television and radio stations, I am publicly recognized for my outstanding work and contribution, with an emphasis on holding parties and events full of glamor and class, being a legitimate influence on the trends and dress code of many young men.

In 2014, I began the internationalization plan for his brand, establishing professional projects and interactions with various designers and prestigious fashion agents, such as personal stylist Cardoso José and the acclaimed photographer Elton Varela of Vogue magazine, both based in Lisbon, Portugal.

In constant reinvention and progress,  launched in 2016 its first winter collection NDZILO.

His entrepreneurial spirit led to investment in a relevant service in his area of activity, but little explored in the country: the fashion consulting, materialized with the creation of KLD Agency.

Following the publication of his impressive work in Lisbon by TRENDE (Contestant for the African Entertainment Legend Awards), King Levi became ambassador for this prestigious fashion magazine.

In May 2016, I found Fancy Fashion Week, in Mozambique. In- spired by the current World Trends, KLD Agency Team was determined to establish a branded event that would help promote African fashion, designers as well as other brands across the African continent while displaying sophisticated workman- ship. 

In 2018, I launched my VICIOUS.